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    The Merries brand holds the largest retail market share in Japan, in terms of money, in the baby diaper category, including velcro and diaper panties (based on Intage SRI research in Japan, 10 years in a row from January 2007 to December 2016).

    Merries gives 7 “tendernesses” to the most wonderful babies in the world:

    Long breathability keeps skin dry
    The wavy layer perfectly retains even loose stools
    Reliable absorbent layer
    Airy and silky inner layer protects the skin
    Cute pattern with a bunny Merries. Five types of pattern. In one package one kind of drawing.
    The rounded edges of reusable Velcro do not injure the baby’s skin.
    If the three central stripes of the indicator turn blue, then it’s time to change the diaper.
    How to wear a diaper:

    Expand the diaper, raise the elastic bands to hold the chair
    Raise the baby’s ass, put the diaper under the ass
    We put on the diaper so that the elastic bands to hold the chair completely grasp the baby’s ass.
    Fasten the Velcro symmetrically left and right. Velcro can be adjusted many times.
    We press the Velcro on top, slightly pull the edge of the diaper to which it is attached, smooth the diaper on the tummy. Make sure that the Velcro does not touch the skin.
    Smooth the elastic bands around the legs so that they do not bend inside the diaper.
    Little tips

    If you think the diaper is great:

    If the legs are free. Fasten Velcro to the bottom
    The diaper is high above the belt. Fasten the Velcro as low as possible, and bend the excess height in front
    The diaper lags behind. Fasten the Velcro by diagonally pointing them down.
    If you think the diaper is small:

    If the Velcro fasten in the upper part, around the belt will become freer
    When to change the diaper size:

    The diaper began to squeeze the legs and tummy, there are traces of gum.
    Velcro fastens in the most extreme position.
    The diaper became small, the upper edge of the diaper dropped significantly below the navel.
    The kid began to write and poop more, and the diaper began to leak.
    The baby’s weight exceeded the diaper size designation.

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